Pool Perfect + Phos Free - 2 Liter

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Why use Pool Perfect +PHOSfree?

Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste in pool water. Use it to make your water feel soft and silky while preventing problems such as: waterline rings, non-living organic staining, surface oils, and phosphate build up.Your pool water is constantly being invaded by phosphates.

Phosphates enter your pool from a variety of sources, including:

  • Lawn & garden fertilizers
  • Chemicals & cleaners
  • Rainwater & fill water
  • Body fluids & waste
  • Decaying vegetation
  • ...and the list goes on


  1. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING- Contents may settle. After shaking product well, some solids may be still visible. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE IS NOT AFFECTED
  2. Each week, with filter running, simply add to your skimmer 1 capful (4oz) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L) of pool water.

Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a natural product that reduces phosphates and organic waste to near zero in your pool. Use it to make your water feel soft and silky while preventing problems like; scum lines, organic staining, surface oils and phosphate build-up. Get the salt water feel without the salt.

  • Maintains phosphate level near zero
  • Cleans waterline and filter while reducing surface oils and other organics
  • Broad spectrum enzymes reduce the build-up or organic contamination
  • Weekly dosage of Pool Perfect+PHOSfree will improve water quality and reduce maintenance

Another great benefit to Pool Perfect+PHOSfree is it is gentle on the skin, non-toxic and 100% safe for your family and the environment!

The result?

  • No phosphate build-up
  • Greatly reduced risk of algae bloom
  • No clogged filters

Why Natural Chemistry?

Natural Chemistry has developed a regular maintenance program to continually remove phosphates as they enter the water.  The program works in conjunction with the enzyme-based Pool Perfect; combining the benefits of both products into an easy maintenance program for swimming pool owners.  While the  PHOSfree removes the phosphates, the natural enzymes gently biodegrade organic material in the pool water.

Natural Chemistry strives to:

  • Provide chemical-free, natural solutions to common problems
  • Make our products quick and easy to implement
  • Provide treatment programs for specific problems
  • Provide a wide variety of products to cater to many different needs
  • And overall, improve the lives of your pets, pool and spa!

Clear, Perfect Water...Unconditionally Guaranteed!

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Manufacturer Part Number 05131
Chemical Product Type Algae Free Program
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