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Extra Strength Stainfree is an all natural stain remover that contains industrial strength ascorbic acid. It quickly removes metal staining on all surfaces without adding phosphates to your water. Use with Natural Chemistry's METALfree and you have the ultimate 1-2 combination for stain fighting.

  • All natural stain eliminator
  • Tough on old set-in stains
  • Compatible with all sanitizing systems
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Phosphate free


Note: Operating the pool for a couple days without chlorine can create an algae concern. Consider dropping the phosphate
level before the stain removal process to minimize the risk of an algae bloom.

Step 1: Take a vitamin c tablet and apply onto stained area. If the stain is removed or lightened by the vitamin c tablet then StainFree should work

Step 2: Balance pool water chemistry - Confirm the pool water is in balance (pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, CYA)

* Note: Stain removal products work best when the pH is on the lower side of acceptable (7.2)

Step 3: Lower chlorine level to 1 ppm or less

  • A high chlorine level or adding oxidizing agents during the process will prevent StainFree from working as designed
  • Do not swim until stain removal process is complete and normal chlorine residual is established

Step 4: A non-polymer filter aid must be used with sand filters to remove the very small particles created during the stain removal process

  • Water clarifiers should not be used during this process

Step 5: Run pool pump until process is complete

  • Backwash as needed, reapply filter aid after each backwash

Step 6: Add lib of StainFree for every 10,000 gallons (38,OOOL)

Step 7: Brush heavily stained areas

Step 8: Add 1 L (33.90z) of METALfree for every 20,000 gallons (75,OOOL) immediately after brushing

Step 9:After 24 hours, vacuum the entire surface of the pool to the filter or waste

*Note: It is important to vacuum every inch of the bottom to remove any trace of metal particulate

Step 10: Sand filters should be backwashed twice, DE and cartridge filters must be broken down and cleaned thoroughly

Step 11: Rebalance water chemistry. DO NOT SHOCK for at least 1 week. (Note: If chlorine level is low, add small amounts of chlorine. Do not exceed 2ppm)

  • For salt generator pools, a granular shock is recommended instead of turning the generator to shock

Step 12: Use METALfree to help prevent future staining. Apply 40z (120mL) per 10,000 gallons (38,OOOL) once a week

Maintenance Dosage:

Add one capful (4oz) per 10,000 gallons (38,000L) every week

• Deactivates iron, copper and other trace minerals
• Prevents stains and water discoloration
• Prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up
• Phosphate free

Why Natural Chemistry?


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  • And overall, improve the lives of your pets, pool and spa!


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Manufacturer Part Number 7395
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